Map reset + new modpack

Shmeeb a posted Apr 11, 14
We’ve decided to update the server to help refresh the map and fix some of the problems with the economy. Sometime tomorrow the server will be resetting and updating to the Direwolf20 mod pack running version 1.0.20 (make sure to download the right version so your ready to play when we reset). The world will be remade and all inventories will be reset. The only thing that will transfer from this server to the new one will be any items obtained from donating, such as ranks, quantum generators, in-game money from ranks, and items bought from the online shop.

We feel this is the right time to reset the map and update to a much newer and active mod pack. Resetting the map will fix a lot of the issues we’ve been having with lag and map corruption. Our current map has in large influx of duplicated items which has blown the server’s economy out of the water. Aswell as the simple lack of space, rp’ing around the map you will find it pretty hard to find some free space to build up your own base.

This will still be the same EnderCraft FTB server you know and love. Yes it’s a shame to lose the amazing and technologically mind-boggling builds that have been completed on our current map, but this game is all about starting afresh and trying something new, maybe this time you can specialise in a different mod, become a wizard instead of a scientist, or vice versa!


Thank you
- EC Staff
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Shmeeb a posted Feb 28, 14

Hey everyone In celebration of the server doing so well recently, we are going to have a donor rank SALE! All donation ranks will be 20% off from now until Sunday at 11:59 PM PST.

EDIT: Sale is now over

Thank you
- EC Staff
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Map reset & update

Shmeeb a posted Jan 20, 14
This weekend we have been working hard preparing the new map. The server is now using Unleashed version 1.1.7, so be sure to update your client. We have changed a few things, I will list them below.
  • We have switched from Towny to Grief Prevention
  • We have changed and added a few rules
  • The map border is now 8k by 8k
If you're a donator type /bonus to get your cash back. If you donated for special items make a thread here and it will be given to you.

Thank you
- EC Staff
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EnderCraft is now live!

Shmeeb a posted Nov 29, 13
Hello everyone!

After a few weeks of preparation, ready to release! We are running FTB Unleashed 1.1.3. We promise a dedicated, lag free environment for everyone to play for free. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post it on our forums.

Thank you
- Shmeeb
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