Donator sale!

Shmeeb a posted Jul 4, 14

Hey everyone! In celebration of the server doing so well recently and the 4th of July, we are going to have a donor rank sale! All donation ranks and items will be 20% off from now until Tuesday the 8th at 11:59 PM PST. Enjoy!

Thank you
- EC Staff
Due to recent discussion and player feedback we have thought long and hard and we have come to the decision on resetting the Direwolf20 server. I know a lot of you have memories on this map but hopefully you will make new ones on our brand new map, Please note that nothing with transfer over to the new map other than the following: /ar check, donator ranks, and items purchased in the donator store. These items will be refunded soon.

Thank you
- EC Staff
BFASJoker Thanks Shmeeb, we really needed it. Take, a every 6 hour restart into consideration, we wont always have 20tps. But than ...
furno1991 Many people are asking when so i can definetly see the rising enthusiasm
sceptre2564 Great decision on resetting, it needs done every so often,

Greeting all! We are proud to announce the grand opening of our new Pixelmon server that is now available to play! Pixelmon is a minecraft based Pokemon where you can catch, train and battle other Pokemon and players as well as catch legendary Pokemon! Along with the other fundamental minecraft aspects such as building, mining and exploring!

How to install and play Pixelmon here

For other information regarding Pixelmon click here

Server IP:

EC Staff
bestnate Yay I love pixlemon and now I can play on a server!
ToyTroyC what texture pack is that
CryMeFirst NICE but pls more Slots i can't joine every time ...

Hardware switch

Shmeeb a posted May 29, 14
Hello everyone! I have good news.

Due to the recent influx of players, and addition of servers, our hardware has been maxing out. We've decided it's time to set up another dedicated server! This means less lag and more possible servers in the future. Unfortunately, Agrarian Skies will be shut down for a bit (an hour or 2 max), as this is the first server that's going to be transferred. I will update this post when I'm finished.

EDIT: Server is now up and everything appears to be working. If you run into any problems, please message me or make a thread on the forums. All servers are now running more smoothly with less lag!

We thank you for your patience and understanding
- EC Staff
XPandazX1 Recently since I've joined DW the TPS of the server ranges from 12-14, I was curious if this has been going on for a whi ...
chocolate454 thank you for doing this because the block lag on dw was getting worse by the day

Hello there! We have just launched a Monster Mod pack server! If you are feeling a bit tired of Direwolf20 or Agrarian Skies, why not try it out? We are currently running version 1.1.1 which is the current recommended version as of today. Hope to see you online and don't forget that donation ranks transfer between servers!

Server IP:

Thank you
- EC Staff
ocherdwHo so after u apply for mod and u enter in the chactacters what do then
leo8098 the server does not work
chocolate454 severs so awsome
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