Server side Mods


Potion Effects

15 minutes of Fire Resistance I

5 minutes of Resistance I

1 minute of Speed II

10 minutes of Absorption (2 hearts)


Other mods

Cutclean (Autosmelt)

No anticheat

When a potion is drunk, the bottle will disappear

Blazes will spawn anywhere in the nether, not just fortresses. This is to prevent the possibility that there isn’t a fortress inside the world border

Witches will not spawn except for in witch huts

All pickaxes, axes and shovels crafted will get the Efficiency 2 enchantment

When a player dies, a lightning bolt (with Cosmetic: 1b) will strike where the person died

5 minutes of no PVP at the beginning



Players will drop one head on death

All animals will drop smelted items

Shearing leaves will drop leaf blocks and apples will drop at a rate of 2 times

Sheep have a 1/4 chance to drop string when sheared

Wither Skeletons will always drop their head




HCE2 will be on 1.14.4

All achievements will be disabled

No spawn protection

There will be a kill counter on the sidebar

No Phantoms

When a player dies and hits respawn, they will respawn in spectator

The world border will be 2000×2000. It will take 1 hour 30 minutes to close to 10×10

Hearts will be able to be seen in tab and above the player’s head


Starting items


Everyone starts with 10 golden carrots

Everyone starts with a Looting I stone sword

Everyone starts with a stone axe

Everyone starts with a stone pickaxe


Client Side Mods